Some business sectors continue to provide them, but the days of employer-funded pension plans are becoming a distant memory for most Americans. Most employers have shifted to contributory plans with a percentage of employer match contributions and a profit-sharing feature. With Social Security overburdened by the boomer wave, shrinking work force, and investment limitations, the responsibility of generating retirement income has fallen more on the shoulders of the individual. 


Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan! Developing a written financial plan is one of the best investments of time and money an individual, family, or company can make! A plan is static, and is updated whenever significant changes occur to make certain the plan is on track to meet income and lifestyle goals for retirement, adequate lifetime insurance coverage, and accounting for taxes and inflation. What are your goals? How will you retire? Will you pursue a second career? Will you volunteer? Do you have hobbies or leisure activities? Are you part of an active community or social group?


A deliberate and thorough process that accounts for cash flow, investment management, inflation, taxes, risk tolerance, social security, longevity, long term care, lifestyle, leisure goals, and legacy planning. What can I do now to use the most advantageous tax incentives and vehicles to fund my desired lifestyle in retirement? How much is enough? Should I depend on Social Security? Do my investments match my risk tolerance, goals, and time horizon? Where are the gaps in my plan? Find the answers through a financial plan.

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