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IRA Rollovers

Rollovers/Direct Transfers 

More control, more investment options, more flexibility, more potential! How many former employer plans do you have? Wouldn't you rather have one consolidated statement, a uniformity of investment objectives, a professional investment advisor, and a financial plan that corresponds to your investments? A free consultation can help you chart your course for a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.  

Money Management

Professional Money Management Platforms

Each firm has a specialty or unique characteristics that can be paired with other managers to construct an individual portfolio.  


Guaranteed or Non-Guaranteed Income?

Most employers do not provide a pension plan, and the responsibility and discipline of saving for retirement has shifted to you, the individual. You have been accumulating wealth for your lifetime, but now, when approaching retirement, you must transition into generating income. Income generation is a significantly different skill than asset accumulation. Find out which tools and techniques fit your needs and lifestyle, guaranteed or non-guaranteed. The informed and educated choice will be yours!

Tax Planning

Avoiding/Minimizing Taxes

Whether it is a form of qualified or non-qualified plan for self-employed individuals or a tax-managed portfolio, there are proven time-tested methods to defer, avoid, or minimize taxes, especially for highly compensated, high net worth individuals, and retirees. Discover the solutions best suited for your situation and needs. 

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