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What's missing from your qualified plan? Concierge Level Service! Do you have regular employee education meetings to review plan options, demonstrations of retirement planning tools, rollover options at retirement or termination, and tax savings for plan contributions?

Pension Plans

Defined Benefit & Cash Balance Plans

An actuarial based pension plan best suited for closely held companies with older, highly compensated owner-employees who want to contribute the maximum allowed under qualified plan funding limits. It may be beneficial for companies that have highly compensated employees across the board and wish to provide them with rich benefits, i.e. professional corporations, engineering, architecture, software development, investment banking, etc. A group census will provide the data necessary to run an analysis which will reveal what plan design is most suitable for the plan sponsor (employer), the employees, and the sponsor's goals.


401(k), 457 and 403(b) Plans

Contributory plans that can accommodate before-tax salary reduction contributions. Employers can match a percentage of employee contributions or add safe-harbor provisions to increase plan participation and allow maximum contributions for highly-compensated or owner-employees.


IRA based plans for self-employed, start-ups and small employers. They have minimal administration requirements and low cost, but also have lower funding limits and accelerated or immediate vesting. 

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